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Moya Guichet
Moya Guichet
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Moya Guichet is considered one of the UK’s top mediums and clairvoyants. She is remarkably gifted and has an outstanding reputation built solely on personal recommendation. Moya has a huge client base including celebrities, royalty, lawyers, business owners, members of government and the police service.

Moya believes that she was born with a gift. Throughout her childhood she had "strange" experiences but thought everyone had them and that these experiences were not unique to her. In her late teens Moya's beloved twenty year brother was killed in a car accident by a drink driver. There is no doubt this opened the flood gates. She began to "see", "feel" and "hear" things relating to both him and those around her.

It was at this point that Moya made a decision to see a medium herself. He helped her accept her brother's death and opened her eyes to the life beyond that which we physically see. He spoke with great conviction telling her that at around thirty years old she would be working as a medium clairvoyant herself and would do much good for others.  

Smiling as she left the sitting and thinking - "I really don't think so" - Moya ignored her gift - or tried to. For the next decade she worked as a head hunter in management consultancy. There is no doubt she was using her natural gifts - a heightened intuition - to find the right people in her work at that time.  Still she would not truly acknowledge her gift, but it became stronger. At thirty two Moya visited the same medium again, who then helped her realise her true vocation. She handed back her company car, credit card and phone to become what she already was - a Clairvoyant.  The business built fast on recommendation. She went on a reading line for a while and within a week was their top reader.  

Whilst at a Christmas drinks party in 2004 Moya predicted a great disaster was coming with a lot of water. She did not remember this until several calls following the Boxing day Tsunami in Thailand. Latterly she read for several people involved in this terrible event and was able to give incredibly specific details about friends and family they had lost.

Moya works across a varied spectrum - from high profile corporate events to evenings of clairvoyance and private individual and group bookings.  She is regularly asked to host events at private members clubs in London, including the Soho House Group over several years. These events have proved hugely successful and are always sold out, and the Mail on Sunday has described her reading as 'wonderful' and has sent many referrals who have all said she is 'incredible'.

The accuracy of her readings is exceptional. Moya’s shows are not only entertaining but also thought-provoking. She gives amazing detail and yet she also brings humour and glamour into her work.  There are no props just the incredible gift that she was born with.