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Ursula Ferrigno
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Ursula Ferrigno is an acclaimed food writer and chef who embodies the Italian and Mediterranean passion for good food made from the freshest natural ingredients.  She specialises in Italian, vegetarian, baking, and gluten-free recipes. 

Ursula trained at the Auguste Escoffier School of the Culinary Arts and has herself taught at leading cookery schools in both the UK and Italy, including Leith's School of Food and Wine, Divertimenti and La Cucina Caldesi.  She has also toured the United States, running classes in all Sur la Table stores. 

She toured the United States, running classes in all Sur la Table stores, has been consultant chef to the popular Caffè Nero chain for over 15 years and is a regular guest chef at RSJ restaurant in London.

Having been raised with bread on the table at every meal, Ursula is a passionate baker.  With Italian breads her speciality, she teaches both professionals and amateurs to make an array of national and regional breads from Ciabatta and Focaccia to volcanic Stromboli. She is the driving force behind National Breadmaking Week.  

She has appeared on many television programmes including Good Food Live, BBC Radio 4's The Food Programme, GMTV's Saturday Disney, Granada TV, and BBC North and has been profiled in a number of magazines.  Ursula presented three programmes for HTV's cookery series Green Grow the Dishes. More recently, in 2013 she was a judge on Royal Chef, a new cookery series for Israeli television.

A prolific author of more than 18 books, Ursula has also written for various publications, including Olive, BBC Good Food, The Observer and Taste Italia.  Her books include: 'Trattoria', 'La Dolce Vita', 'The New Family Bread Book', 'Ursula Ferrigno's Italian Cookery Course', 'A Gourmet Guide to Oil and Vinegar', and 'Flavours of Sicily' published in 2016.

Ursula's latest title is 'Lemons and Limes', published by Ryland Peters and Small, April 2017.

Ursula's Books
Flavours of Sicily

Discover the unique fusion of flavours that Sicilian food has to offer and bring some Mediterranean sunshine into your own kitchen with Ursula Ferrigno's warm and enthusiastic company.

Sicily is an intriguing place. It is a beguiling place and its prominent position has led to repeated conquests over the centuries, which has left an extraordinary cultural legacy and a reputation as the melting pot of the Mediterranean. It has one of the world s best cuisines thanks to the complex influences left behind by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish who have each occupied this fertile land.

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